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The Art of Breathing Life into Medical Imaging Systems

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In the world of medical imaging, the need for top-notch equipment is constant. MRI and
CT imaging centers and other healthcare facilities, rely on their machinery to keep up
with evolving technology and to ensure precise diagnostics.

To achieve this, these centers require a strategy centered around caring for their
existing systems, servicing them meticulously, and sourcing high-quality replacement
parts when needed.

At KEI Medical Imaging Services, we believe in breathing new life into these systems by
prolonging the life of medical equipment.

Investing in brand-new medical equipment can be financially burdensome. By opting for
serviced and refurbished parts and equipment, businesses can significantly reduce their
expenses while maintaining quality standards.

Beyond the economic benefits, giving medical equipment a second life contributes to
sustainability efforts. It's a choice that reduces electronic waste and minimizes the
carbon footprint of the healthcare industry.

Maintaining Quality Patient Care:
The integrity of refurbished equipment is essential in the healthcare sector. Imaging
centers depend on reliable systems to provide accurate diagnoses and treatments.
When sourced from reputable providers, serviced equipment ensures that the quality of
patient care remains uncompromised.

The KEI Difference:

KEI Medical Imaging Services team of Service Engineers, Inventory Specialist and
Sales Professionals are led by a 30-year industry veteran. KEI is your trusted authority
in Philips and Siemens MRI and CT service and parts. Our extensive three decades of
experience have endowed us with unparalleled knowledge of MRI and CT systems,
making us the go-to experts for addressing intricate issues.

When you choose KEI, you ensure swift repairs and access to top-quality parts,
safeguarding your CT and MRI machine operations from costly downtime, and
preserving scheduled exams and patient care. Additionally, our 9001-2005 ISO
certification attests to the integrity of our offerings.

At KEI Medical Imaging, integrity and knowledge are our promises to customers. Visit
our website to learn more about parts and field services for Philips and Siemens CT and
MRI systems.

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