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Siemens MRI Gradient Coils

Siemens MRI Gradient Coils

Siemens MRI Gradient Coils

AS39T, 047, 005, TaTs cpl to 024-REP, KEI has a large inventory of tested gradient coils.

Siemens MRI Gradient Coils Part Numbers: 
DescriptionPart Number
Gradient Coil 0471141634
Gradient Coil 0471142012
Gradient coil AS39T 7461747
Gradient coil AS39T 5939181
Gradient coil AS39T 7014421
Gradient Coil 0058119690
Gradient Coil TaTs cpl10047920
Gradient Coil 024-REP11411543
Gradient Coil 024-REP1142004

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Siemens MRI Gradient Coils

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