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Siemens MR Coils

Siemens MR Coils

Siemens MR Coils

Head coils to ankle coils, KEI carries a large inventory of Siemens Avanto, Verio, Trio, Sonata, Symphony TIM, and Espree coils.

Siemens MR Coils Part Numbers: 
Description Part Number
8 Ch Foot Ankle MR Coil 3T8625639
16 Channel Body Array Anterior MR Coil 3T8626165
3T Spine Matrix MR Coil8622743
Shoulder Small MR Coil8622719
3T Neck Matrix MR Spule8622677
3T Body Matrix MR Spule8622651
3T Head Matrix MR Spule8622644
TxRX CP Extremity MR Coil 3T10185464
Flex Small 4 MR Coil set 3T8625779
Flex Large 4 MR Coil set 3T8625761
Shoulder Large MR Coil8623626
Base Plate Shoulder Array7582567
Base Plate Shoulder Array Avanto7580025
PA Matrix MR Coil7579910
Body Matrix MR Coil7579555
Neck Matrix MR Coil 7577906
Head Matrix MR Coil7577732
Shoulder Array Coil Large, 200MM5516591
Spine Matrix MR Coil7579340
CP Flex Coil Large5512053
CP Flex Coil Small5512038
Breast Array MR Coil8622727
High Resoultion Wrist coil101078
CP Extremity Coil 63 0473146466
3T Interface 8625787
Interface 047 CPL5511956

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Siemens MR Coils

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