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Philips MRI RF AMP

Philips MRI RF AMP

Our Philips RF AMP Parts

KEI has a large inventory of S-23, S-26B, S-30 and 8112 to 8134 RF AMPS  for 1.0T, 1.5T and 3.0T Systems.

Philips MRI RF AMP Part Numbers: 
DescriptionPart Number
RF AMPLIFER 53-S23A-64 ASTEX452213145827
RF AMPLIFIER S26A-128452213160983
RF AMPLIFIER S26B-128452213203053
RF AMPLIFIER S30 1.5T452213203243
PA MODULE S30452215040461
DRIVER MODULE S30452215040471
RF AMPLIFIER S35 1.5T459800524711
RF AMPLIFIER S35 1.5T459800524712
RF AMPLIFIER AN8112 1.0T HFO452213203162

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Philips RF AMP Parts

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